Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas. Now let's get drunk. AKA I Love Huckabees

I'm so sick of everyone attacking Mike Huckabee. I mean, can't a guy be a crazy religious nut case without everyone getting all holier than thou about it? This country is in terrible shape if some guy running for president can't enjoy the birth of Christ with his Christmas tree and mysteriously cross-shaped book shelf on a commercial that airs in Iowa and New Hampshire. If not, then we're all literally going to hell in a hand-basket. Literally. You heard me. In honor of this truly bat-shit-crazy presidential hopeful, let's indulge in a little X-Mas boozin'. Here's a tasty little cocktail that will make your girl want to be the the furthest thing possible from the Virgin Mary, know what I mean? No? Jesus, pal. Get with it, this is a short and easy recipe and you just may miss it, so stop jingling your bells and pay attention.

Oatmeal Cookie Martini

(courtesy of the Opal Ultra Lounge, Montbleu resort Casino & Spa, Lake Tahoe)

1 part Goldshl├Ąger
1 part J├Ągermeister
1 part butterschotch schnapps
1 part Bailey's

Shake and strain. Then garnish with two raisins, placing them at the bottom of the martini glass. Drink 15-20 of these.

Last time I had one of these, the Raiderettes and I got kicked off of Air Force One for being too loud in the executive cabin. That never used to happen when Clinton was president.

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Jet said...

That is one of my favorite drinks and NO ONE ever knows how to make it. Mmm...Oatmeal cookie in a glass.