Thursday, November 15, 2007

C'mon on in dude.

Well, alright man. You found the kitchen. Nice work. Remember the kitchen? I'm not just talking about your cupboards with Easy Mac and Lucky Charms, I mean the real kitchen. Stoves, ovens, spices, fresh food. . .you know those things. You've at least heard of them, right? Oh you don't really care? Well, you know who does? Your girlfriend. Your wife. Your Mom (Time to move out of the basement, man.). You may be content to microwave a bag of pizza rolls every night, but that ain't gonna impress the ladies. Time to get cookin' bro. This blog will help you find the right meal, for the right occasion, for the right results. Who knows, you might actually learn something along the way, and it won't just be the number to the closest pizza place*.

Before we even get to anything to eat, you need to clean the spilled beer out of the fridge and pull your cigarette butts out of the sink. We can't have you cooking for your lady in a kitchen that looks like Phi Kappa Tau at Ohio State. Clean that shit up, buddy. Buy some Windex. You might need dishes, too. Good knives are a must. If you can't swing Cutco knives and you can't stand to see Chef Tony slice one more tomato or clean one more Trout, try poking around online and look for some deals. You can't use your pizza cutter for everything.

Now don't worry, we won't be getting too technical on CFYG!, because, frankly, we don't know shit except how to cook stuff. Sure we may throw a few $10 words around like, "grill" and "al dente" but don't let that fool you. We're as rough around the edges as you are. We only started this blog because we were too manly and it was throwing off the natural balance in the world. The United Nations asked us to do something a little less masculine, so we relinquished our black belts and relaxed our death grips to bring you Cook For Your Girl. Our humble mission is to help you, the common kitchen idiot, how to impress your woman (or whoever it may be) with your new found culinary prowess. You play your cards right and don't start a fire and she may ask you to show your other prowess. So grab an apron and one of those chef hats and let's get started.

*Better keep that number handy for the time being.

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